about us

I’m a small scale homesteader focused on self reliance, resilience, and adaptability.

I started my homesteading journey with my family back in 2009 driven by a desire to be more self sufficient and have more control over life’s essentials. I’m not enthusiastic about the idea of relying on corporations and complicated supply chains for my water, food, power, and heat.

We took some farmland and built a home, doing every bit of the work ourselves (our third hands-on home build). Because we’re off grid, we installed a solar power system, water system, and built a rocket mass heater for heating.

On this site I share my homesteading experiences and the lessons I’ve learned, and answer common questions beginners often have when they’re exploring the world of homesteading, self reliance, and prepping.

Homesteading is a lot of fun, and it’s super rewarding. But it’s also a lot of work and takes a lot of planning.

I hope the content you find here helps you to figure out the best way to approach your own homesteading journey.